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CompanyBazar Manual

User Guide



Here investors as well as entrepreneurs, strategic buyers as well as MBI candidates can find a suitable company. On the other hand business owners looking for a corporate successor, strategic sellers or young companies that are looking for groth capital or a business partner will be able to find a matching buyer or investor. Just resaerch our database and use our cost-free Search Request. These research tool supply you with detailed search result lists.


Our Researchform offers an easy and comfortable way to browse our database for suitable offers. Just fill in the main criteria as advised.

As a result you'll receive a list of advertisement that match your criteria. In order to get in contact with the advertisers please contact them either directly or should the advertiser wish to remain anonymous, please register with us and we will establish the contact with the advertiser for you.


Search Request

Create your own Search Request for free and get instant information about matching offers in our database.

How does the Search Request work? Please fill out the relevant criteria for each Search Request, specify your email address and save your Search Request. Click "Run Search Request" to get an up to date list of matching offers.

Each new offer that is entered into COMPANYBAZAR® and that matches your Search Request will be automatically sent to your email account. You can create as many Search Requests as you like. You can delete your Search Requests at any time.



You need your Login details to enter your account at COMPANYBAZAR®. Your account offers the following features:

  • Modify, suspend or delete your advertisement. You can also upload 2 pictures
  • Edit your Address
  • View and print your invoices
  • View your contacts including the respective contact details.

If this is the first time you are using the COMPANYBAZAR® please register with us.hoch