Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some of the "Frequently Asked Questions" regarding CompanyBazar® and its use for you.

Q: How much do you charge for the COMPANYBAZAR® services?

A: Researches, Search Requests, email news, managing your account and getting in touch with an advertiser are free of charge. Placing an advertisement is available for a fee. Please read our Terms & Conditions as well as our pricelist.

Q: How many visitors has COMPANYBAZAR®, what’s the average number of enquiries an advertisement will receive, what are the chances for success of my ad with COMPANYBAZAR®?

A: We have prepared up-to-date website statistics for you on our homepage.

The chances for success depend an quite a lot of factors: the industry sector, the sales price, the company description, the future prospects of the company etc. But most importantly it depends on how well the seller or buyer is prepared for the company transaction.

Q: What is the procedure once I have found an interesting advertisement?

A: In general there are two options for you:
a) You can contact the advertiser directly. This applies to all ads where the advertiser has decided to publish his contact details.
b) For those ads where the advertiser has decided to remain anonymous, please register with us and we will establish the contact with the advertiser for you. That is, we will email your enquiry plus a message you may wish to add to the advertiser.

Q: Will my data be really safe and will my anonymity be guaranteed?

A: Yes! We are well aware that in the sensitive field of company transactions confidentiality is indispensable. Therefore secure data transmission and data storage is our first priority.

Data collection, information processing and the commercial use of personalised data are handled according to the regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act. With each advertisement you determine the way an interested party can get in touch with you. Only with your explicit consent will we publish your contact details in the COMPANYBAZAR® database..